Many people find themselves receiving the wrong medication from pharmacy representatives.  If you’ve found yourself the victim of one of these errors, it may have taken you days or even months to realize that you’ve received the wrong prescription.  Families, children and elderly people all rely on medication, and everyone is vulnerable to receiving incorrect medications from big box pharmacies.

By the time patients recognize the mistakes, they can have suffered pain, lost income, lost wages, or a possible injury.

If you have experienced any of these consequences of a pharmacy error, you could be entitled to an award to acknowledge your suffering.  A shocking number of people find themselves receiving the wrong medication from pharmacy employees, but so few of them know that they’re entitled to compensation as a result.

Your pharmacist could have your best interests at heart, and may want to look out for your safety — but bigger pharmacies often put policies in place that cause workers to overwork themselves, causing mistakes.  In fact, juries have found Walgreens guilty of putting policies in place that compromise their employees’ ability to work effectively.

In this day and age, every industry is becoming more fast paced.  Pharmacies have been known to encourage pharmacists to fill hundreds of prescriptions per day, with negligible breaks. Hundreds of pills with similar appearances, similar names, all in the space of one day — no wonder one in four prescriptions includes some kind of error.

If you’ve found you’re receiving the wrong medication from pharmacy employees, you can make sure that big box pharmacies are held accountable for their mistakes.  In order to make sure this is done properly, you should consider filing a claim.



If you have been receiving the wrong medication from pharmacy reps, your first move should be to contact your doctor or pharmacist.  Ensure that you have the bottle your prescription came in and the prescription your doctor gave you when you contact them.

If you notice side effects that seem odd, or are causing you pain, contact an emergency room.

After you attend to your safety, gather the documents and any evidence of the prescription error.  The bottle, the pills, and the prescription itself are all forms of documentation.  Any receipts you’ve received from the pharmacy, notes from your doctor, or communication from the doctor or pharmacy could serve as documentation.

Then, contact a lawyer.  A lawyer can help you protect your rights as both a consumer and a patient.  Request a consultation to make sure that the lawyer is the right one for your case.

After your consultation, you might consider suing or filing a claim.



If you’ve received a prescription in error, but you aren’t sure if you are entitled to a claim, pharmacy error lawyers can help you. In short, here are the errors which are most likely to produce a successful claim:


  • Lack of consultation (your pharmacist should give you specific instructions on correct administration of your medication)
  • Incorrect dose (your prescription contained either too much medication, or too little medication
  • Receiving the wrong medication (the prescription filled was not yours, or was not the correct drugs)
  • Your child or dependent received incorrect medication or incorrect dosages



A number of issues can be caused by receiving the wrong prescription from a pharmacy.  As a result, the type of award or amount of the compensation you can receive varies greatly.  If you are not sure whether or not you should file a claim, consider the following forms of compensation.

Pain and suffering compensation: If you received the wrong prescription and then experienced extended vomiting and diarrhea, sleeplessness, or injury, you are entitled to an award.  The money you receive will is calculated relative to the pain and suffering that was caused by the incorrect prescription.

Medical bills: An error in your prescription could cause medical bills in order to manage side effects or other issues.  If you incur an injury as a result of a prescription error, you may also acquire medical bills as a result.  You can be awarded compensation to help you cover the medical bills.

Medical debt: If you receive the incorrect prescription, and then find yourself in a great deal of medical debt, your compensation will be awarded to help you pay the debt back.

Lost wages: If you lost a job or lost hours at work due to complications from a prescription error, awards can help cover these funds that you lost.

Lost income: Any other form of income which may be lost as a result of prescription error can be awarded back in part if you file a claim.

Other damages: Any other damages you may have incurred as a result of a prescription error can be covered.  You can file a claim in order to regain some of the losses, and be awarded compensation in order to help pay.



There are a number of prescription errors that entitle you to compensation.  One of the most common errors that pharmacies are guilty of is administering incorrect dosages.  This could mean your child, an elderly relative, or you have been overdosed or under-dosed.  Medications are often dispensed by milligrams, so you may have been given a dosage that was incorrect by one decimal point (50 mg. instead of 500 mg., etc.).

This small mistake is simply a matter of adding a zero, or moving a decimal place.  Nevertheless, this error could lead to pain, suffering, injury, and even death.

Don’t let the apparent triviality of the error stop you from filing a claim.  If you have suffered as a result of a prescription error, get a consultation, and find out what compensation you are entitled to.